Repair work on the RRVT bridge on the North Raccoon River near Jefferson continues this summer. The bridge, over 100 years old and located 2.5 miles south of the Jefferson depot, was damaged by flood waters in 2019. It is not certain if the bridge will re-open in 2021.

In August parts of the trail between Adel and Redfield will be closed temporarily for repair work.  These closings will be very short-term, most likely a day only.  Notices will be posted at trail heads listing the dates of trail closings.

High Trestle Connection

Construction continues to connect two of Iowa’s most popular trails, the Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT) in Perry and the High Trestle Trail (HTT) in Woodward.

The connector trail will be 9 miles long when finished. The route for the connection, which will go through the small town of Bouton, includes a mix of former railroad corridor, rural road right of way and newly acquired land. The 89-mile RRVT and the 25-mile HTT, once connected, will create multiple options for giant loops that connect into the greater Des Moines trail system.

Though there is no firm completion date for the connection, we are happy to report that the $4.8 million project will be halfway done by the end of 2021.