Life on our trail: Bull ride Friday night, BACooN RIDE on Saturday!

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Life on our trail: Bull ride Friday night, BACooN RIDE on Saturday!

WAUKEE, Iowa, June 14, 2018 -- What a weekend coming up on our Raccoon River Valley Trail!

We call it a "multi-purpose" recreational trail, and we prove it with these varied events.

Friday (June 15) at 7:30 p.m. in the rodeo arena at the Dallas County Fairgrounds on the north edge of Adel, cowboy Sven Peterson rides again!  Actually, he's the 27-year-old city administrator in nearby Perry, and he's following up on his year-old promise to attempt to ride a bull "Mudslinger" in a fundraiser for the "connector" trail being built to link Perry on the Raccoon River Valley Trail and Woodward on the High Trestle Trail. He was going to do that early last September, but he broke five ribs while bronc riding a week before his bull riding attempt was to be staged.

"The ride is back on," Peterson said, when he announced Friday's event. "Wish me luck!"  He said he hopes "to manage a decent ride. My goal is to raise as much money for the trail as I can -- and not to break anything!"

His special event will be part of the "Pre-Dallas County Fair Rodeo" being held at the arena Friday evening.

You can get more information about Sven's "Take Two" attempt at bull riding, as Raccoon Valley Radio calls it in their story, and make your pledges of support by clicking here.

Saturday (June 16), "BACooN RIDE 5" is expected to put about 2,700 bicyclists on the interior 72-mile loop trail of the RRVT, with various kinds of bacon treats at every rest stop. The ride starts in the early morning in Waukee, uses the "north route" of the trail through Perry and on to Herndon, then the "south route" of the RRVT to go back through Panora and Adel to Waukee. And all that fun is preceded by a Friday night "pre-party" from 5 to 11 p.m. in Waukee's Centennial Park, featuring the band "Pie in the Sky," which boasts that "we don't put on shows, we throw PARTIES!"

Here are some of the bacon treats promised -- a bacon breakfast taco, a peanut butter bacon donut, samples of the award winning maple applewood bacon, some applewood "cowboy" bacon, bacon corn dogs, loaded bacon nachos, barbecued pulled pork sliders, and more.

You can get all the details about the "BACooN RIDE 5" by clicking here. Sponsors of the event at RAGBRAI, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival of Des Moines.