Donna Davis has her RRVT bridge decorated for Valentine's Day!

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Donna Davis has her RRVT bridge decorated for Valentine's Day!


REDFIELD, Iowa, Jan. 31, 2018 – I was charmed, as I followed the Raccoon River Valley Trail into Redfield this week, to see that Donna Davis has decorated the RRVT bridge adjacent to her house for Valentine’s Day.

 The RRVT bridge on the east side of Redfield, adjacent to the home of Donna Davis, a terrific trail neighbor.

“Gotta do somethin’ to brighten up winter!” she explained.

What a terrific trail neighbor she is.

I first met her three years ago when I noticed the bridge was decorated at Christmas time with evergreen bunting, holiday lights and tall candy canes.

She said then that she loves living adjacent to the trail, and that she often uses it to walk her dogs and cats.  And from the reaction of other trail users, after we told her story, they’re glad Davis lives there, too.

Tim Braden, a veteran cyclist from the Des Moines area, commented that he had stopped and chatted with Davis on several occasions, and even got to know her dogs.

“She keeps a beautiful yard along the trail…with some flowers and such,” Braden wrote.  “She’s a real nice lady to visit with.  Yesterday, I rode by and her little dog Charlie came running up to me for attention, and she said, ‘He remembers you!’ which I thought was pretty neat. 

“Hope to see Donna and her pups out again next time I pass by, and many thanks to her for beautifying the trail along her property.  One of the nice surprises you get along the RRVT!”

The signs with the Valentine’s Day messages.