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Local boy’s birthday donation inspires $7,000 in additional giving

Remember young Tate Boyd raising $350 for the "connector" trail, as a project for his "half birthday" last summer? Dallas County Conservation director Mike Wallace was so moved he issued a challenge to other trail supporters to make contributions to leverage the lad's gift. And did they ever!

Here are progress photos on the "connector" trail leaving Perry

PERRY, Iowa, Sept. 19, 2018 -- The Dallas County Conservation Board this week released four photographs of progress being made in the construction of the "connector" trail linking the Raccoon River Valley Trail and the High Trestle Trail.  When completed, the trail will stretch nine miles.

The first phase of this $5 million construction project is nearly complete, as crews…

Check 10-year-old Tate Boyd's $350 donation for our "connector" trail!

This lad from Urbandale & his sisters have quit asking for birthday gifts, and instead seek donations to favorite causes & projects. Tate, who also celebrates his "half birthdays," decided to ask for gifts to the "connector trail" being built to link the Raccoon River Valley & High Trestle Trails. Dallas County Conservation director Mike Wallace decided to try "leveraging" the youngster's generosity. So, who and how many will match Tate Boyd's $350 donation to the "connector"?

"Connector trail" is a $100,000 winner at Praire Meadows!

The casino resort and racetrack last week announced its 2018 "Legacy Grants," and one of them is coming to the Dallas County Conservation Board to help build the 9-mile, $5-million trail that will link the Raccoon River Valley Trail and the High Trestle Trail, between Perry and Woodward. Total raised for the new connector is now nearly 60 percent of the $5 million required.