Workers from Dennhardt Construction and Hamilton Redi-Mix, both companies from Jefferson, pouring the Raccoon River Valley Trail’s concrete crossing of 265nd Street on the curve just north of Winkleman Switch in Greene County. (Photo by Jamie Daubendiek, Daubendiek Photography, Jefferson)

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CONSTRUCTION UPDATES, on Monday, Sept. 26:  In Dallas County, work continues on paving two trail-road intersections on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  The two crossings are 290th Street west of Adel and the first Linden Road intersection just south of Linden.  The roads at these intersections may be closed down for vehicular traffic during the entire construction process.  Trail users will have to dismount from bicycles and walk around the construction sites.  For more information, contact Dallas County Conservation at (515) 465-3577. In Guthrie County, the RRVT's crossing at 175th Street one mile south of Yale is being paved this week, so vehicular traffic may be interrupted and trail users may have to walk around the work areas. For more information, contact Guthrie County Conservation at (641) 755-3061.


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WAUKEE, Iowa -- Heidi & Steve Koger, who live in northeast Kansas, are bicycling bloggers who love to take off for weekend rides on trails and other bikeways around the Midwest. On their wedding anniversary weekend Aug. 5-7, they spent two days riding the entire Raccoon River Valley Trail, and they've given it a rave review in their blog "Just Keep Pedaling." We tell you more about the Kogers and connect you to their blog in our story here. ...

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