Guthrie County Conservation workers on Wednesday, Sept. 10, completed extensive repair work on the Raccoon River Valley Trail bridge over Greenbrier Creek in the far northern part of that county. The bridge's railings had been crushed by limbs that fell from a towering nearby cottonwood tree in an Aug. 31 storm.  The trail there had been closed 10 days to allow for the repair work, but it's now fully open again.

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A section of the Raccoon River Valley Trail, starting at the Dallas-Guthrie County line and then south for about two miles through Linden, will be closed on Thursday, Sept. 18. This part of the trail will be opened again on Friday, Sept. 19. Trail maintenance will occur on this section that consists of the application of an asphalt surface rejuvenator. This product needs time to cure and dry, therefore, the trail will need to be closed to allow this. Also, during the month of September and October, there will be temporary maintenance closings of the RRVT in Dallas County to allow for some bridge approach work on the trail surface. Specific notice of these bridge sites being worked on will be announced later.

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Bridge repair completed north of Herndon, RRVT fully open again
Herndon, 9 September, 2014

Guthrie County Conservation staffers on Wednesday, Sept. 10, completed repairs on the side railings of the Raccoon River Valley Trail bridge over Greenbrier Creek near the Guthrie-Greene County line. They'd been crushed by a tree falling during the Aug. 31 storm. The trail is now open again for normal use. ...

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